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Newsletter - August 2008

Welcome to the latest edition of our newsletter. In this issue we bring you up to date with ASIC's new online registry services and other important changes in the compliance industry. In addition Corporate Express celebrates its 20th birthday with another industry first!

Voluntary deregistration applications go online

As you are no doubt aware Corporate Express was the first business to register a company on-line! In keeping with our history of being a pioneer in company registrations and corporate secretarial services we were recently the first to lodge a Form 6010 electronically with ASIC through our Leading Edge program.

Other new online services include:

Corporate Express continues to work in consultation with ASIC to ensure that we can provide our clients with the most timely and efficient corporate registry services.

The rules: annual review fees and voluntary deregistration applications

Don't pay unnecessary fees! A company's annual review fee is not payable if its annual review date falls within two (2) months before or after the date its notice of deregistration is published by ASIC in its Gazette. It usually takes about one week after lodgement of the application for the notice to be published.

We can assist you in the proper and timely deregistration of the companies you manage. Call or email us for an order form and information about the company's fee status.

Special purpose companies - now cheaper to register

The new Form 201 - Application for registration as an Australian company now includes a tick-box to declare that the company is a special purpose company.

If you are registering a company which has any one of the following special purposes, you will now save $55!!

Make sure to tick the relevant box on our application forms to save!

Late fee waivers

ASIC has recently set out details as to when it will waive a late fee. Please note that on no account will ASIC waive annual review fees.

What will work:

As a general rule the reason must be beyond the control of:

What won't work:

We have designed our outsourcing services to assist you with the reporting obligations of the companies you manage and to reduce compliance costs.

To discuss the many benefits of outsourcing call Robert on 1300 267 739 (1300 CORPEX).

Changes to Class Order 98/98 - Audit Relief for small proprietary companies controlled by a foreign company but which are not part of a larger group

ASIC Form 384 is lodged by companies to obtain relief from preparing and lodging audited financial accounts with ASIC.

In the past the company was obliged to lodge a Form 384 each year the relief was sought. ASIC has now adopted an 'opt-in/opt-out' regime.

Now the company need only lodge the Form 384 (Opt-in) when relief is initially sought.

When the relief is no longer required you have a choice of either

No fees apply.

Our upgraded on-line ordering system

If you haven't already done so please take a look at our new on-line ordering system. The new features include:

If you experience any problems or have any suggestions regarding our new on-line ordering system please telephone Cathy on 1300 267 739 (1300 CORPEX). We would appreciate your feedback.


The information provided in this document is for your general information only. It is not intended that anyone adopt this information to their personal circumstances without first seeking professional advice.

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Why use Corporate Express?

Our experienced and dedicated team can give your business the edge by providing:

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