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First Business or Company

Sole trader, trading under a business name

Business name registration can be a simple, cost-effective method of reserving your business name, particularly when you will be operating in a single state or territory of Australia.

As a sole trader you will have exclusive control over the business but you will also have unlimited liability for debts of the business.

Business name registration is processed through the Office of Fair Trading or its equivalent in other states. Keep in mind that filing for registration of a business name will not establish a small business as a legal entity. It is merely a name under which the owner of the business name trades.

It is important to note that the registration of a business name does not confer any proprietary rights in that business name. However, once trading commences under the business name, the name generates goodwill or reputation. This goodwill can be protected.

The business name you choose should project your desired image. It must be different from existing business names and must not be misleading or offensive.

A business name registration must be filed for each state or territory your business will be operating in, which means that it may be more cost-effective to incorporate a company if you will be conducting business nationwide. Still, business name registration has its advantages. Primarily, it's quick and simple. With a little help from Corporate Express you can start the process of filing your business name with the appropriate registering authority by simply filling out an order form.

Information you'll need to complete the form:

Business name registration renewal fees are required every two to three years, depending on the state of registration.

Completing a registration of business name is great solution for sole proprietors or independent contractors wanting to offer their services as anything other than their full legal name.

If you would like your business to become an incorporated entity such as a limited liability company, Corporate Express also offers company formation services that will enable you to file for incorporation.

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Other possibilities

Compnay Incorporations

If you intend to operate your business as a company you must incorporate your company.

Companies are regulated by the Corporations Act 2001 which is administered by ASIC.

Advantages of incorporation include:

  • limited liability for shareholders
  • the company tax imputation system ensures that company profits are not subject to double taxation when they are distributed to shareholders
  • other taxation advantages, which you must discuss with your accountant
  • the company is a legal entity separate from its directors and shareholders and can afford some protection of your personal assets from business risk

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Corporate Expess offers two types of trusts:

We recommend you speak to your accountant or solicitor as to whether your business will benefit from incorporating a trust in its structure.

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Our Business Partners

HWL Ebsworth

For many years HWL Ebsworth have provided and updated our discretionary and unit trusts.
The terms of our discretionary trusts provide the maximum flexibility in respect of determination of income and streaming.
Through our relationship with HWL Ebsworth, Corporate Express can offer the following benefits to its clients.
15 minutes free legal advice
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Vale Legal Pty Limited

All of our self-managed super funds (SMSF) documents are drafted and updated by Vale Legal Pty Limited, accredited specialists in Business and Personal Tax and are designed to achieve maximum flexibility to suit the varying needs of your clients in their administration of the fund and their retirement options.


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